Campaign Countdown 2000

The road to the White House begins in Iowa. Since the 1970's, national leaders in both major political parties have agreed that Iowans will hold the first caucuses in the presidential selection process. While New Hampshire holds the first primary election, Iowa remains the first step down the road that leads to the Oval Office.
Bush lists Dad as role model (1/18/00)
Republican rivals relish tax debate (1/15/00)
Forbes attacks Bush on taxes (1/14/00)
Bradley says a vote for Gore a vote to settle (1/14/00)
Daddy Bush stumps for son (1/13/00)
Forbes revisits abortion issue (1/13/00)
No more negs, says Gore (1/12/00)
Gore on the road again (1/11/00)
Tobacco the talk on the trail (1/11/00)
Long-shot Hatch shoots for top tier finish (1/13/00)
Bradley endorses landmine ban (1/6/00)
Candidates urged to be nice (1/6/00)
Debates du jour
GOP rivals clash over tax policy (1/5/00)
Dole, Grassley endorse Bush (1/4/00)
Bauer: give FBI agents abroad more flexibility (12/29/99)

Gore, Bradley spar over ag policy (12/22/99)
Gore promises pre-school for millions (12/22/99)
Gore predicts new protections for gays (12/21/99)
Gore, Bradley feud over farm policy

Forbes attacks Bush on tax plan
Bradley strikes back at Gore
Bauer attacks Bush, Forbes on Social Security
Farm reception for candidates
Bush outlines tax plan
Bauer calls on Vilsack to rescind pro-gay order
Bradley: Displaced workers need government help
Bush previews foreign policy speech
New Des Moines Register "Iowa Poll" (11/14/99)
Gore a new man, listening to "music" of the campaign (11/12/99)
Gore promises Iowa vets tough U.S. Military presence (11/11/99)
One-third opt for Internet vote, most want to again (11/3/99)
Forbes steps up campaign, returns to IA for bus tour (11/2/99)
Bradley defends health care plan against Gore attack (11/1/99)
Gore blasts Bradley, Bush for money plans (10/28/99)
Bradley dismisses Gore attack (10/16/99)
Buchanan Brigade takes over IA Reform Party (10/16/99)
Forbes offers campaign deal to Bush (10/16/99)
Bauer declares himself "conservative alternative" (10/15/99)
Reform Party preparing for "raid" (10/15/99)
Dole criticizes media coverage (10/14/99)
Caucus date moving (10/14/99)
Speeches underscore candidates' styles (10/9/99)
Gore blasts Bradley on eve of party event (10/9/99)
Bradley proposes new federal farm aid program (10/8/99)
Caucus-Date Chaos Continues (10/4/99)
Bradley, buoyed by polls, touts med plan in Iowa (10/2/99)
Mrs. Bush says Bush's keep their clothes on (9/30/99)
Iowa's Caucus date not moved, yet (9/30/99)
Date of Iowa Caucuses moved (9/18/99)
Bradley: March 7th is "breakout day." (9/11/99)
Bauer: voucher now, not later. (9/9/99)
AARP set to flex Senior's political muscle (9/8/99)
Gore criticizes Republican-led "paycheck protection" (9/5/99)
Bush promises "simple & direct" farm solutions (9/1/99)

Bradley: Up to Bush on answering drug questions (8/20/99)
Bradley prepared to run gauntlet for universal health care (8/20/99)
Gore courts Union vote in Waterloo. (8/19/99)
Bradley courts Union vote (8/17/99)
Iowa Straw Poll behind, Iowa Caucus move ahead (8/16/99)
ush wins, Forbes challenges in Ames Straw Poll (8/14/99)
Straw Poll Spectacle Draws Nearly 20,000 (8/14/99)
Bullworth a hit for real? (8/13/99)
"Meaningless event" with meaningful implications (8/13/99)
Crowded Iowa campaign trail. (8/11/99)
Harvest of heartache in the heartland (8/9/99)
Iowa Straw Poll should go (8/7/99)
Armey predicts Clinton to cave to public opinion (8/7/99)
Buchanan, Quayle drop out of Leadership Conference (8/7/99)

Bauer finds meatloaf a bargain, but can he find supporters? (8/3/99)
Plenty of campaigning to prep for Straw Poll (8/2/99)
Mrs. Bush: 21 years of "fun & frustrations" (7/29/99)
Bradley opens headquarters, new phase of campaign (7/28/99)
Bauer promises vouchers for home schoolers (7/27/99)
Hatch warns Bush will be "Quayle-ized" (7/26/99)
Hatch makes first trip to Iowa (7/25/99)
Ice cream founder touts defense cuts (7/23/99)
Bush warns Forbes: attack at your own peril (7/23/99)
Candidates call for cash for farmers
Kasich's good-bye tour (7/18/99)
Bush invades pancake eaters (7/16/99)

Bush backs farm aid, vows to spend without limits (7/15/99)
Gore meets with farmers to discuss "crisis" (7/14/99)
Elizabeth Dole courts MTV generation. (7/12/99)
Iowa's Governor declares "crisis" on farms (7/12/99)
Forbes: GOP Tax Plan "Disappointment" (7/11/99)
Buchanan: Grim Reaper Awaits
Buchanan: Build a Fence. (7/7/99)
Kerrey declares support for Bill Bradley. (7/5/99)
Quayle says competitors taking page from his playbook. (7/4/99)
Candidates play Iowa's field of dreams. (7/3/99)
Dole calls on libraries to restrict Internet access.(7/1/99)
Quayle calls for family-friendly "environment." (6/26/99)
Forbes accuses Bush of "hostile takeover." (6/26/99)
Gore endorsed by one of Iowa's largest unions.
Buchanan accuses Bush of "perverting" Iowa straw poll.(6/24/99)
Bradley calls on corporations to provide more time off. (6/22/99)
Alexander accuses Bush of "lip service" on ethanol. (6/22/99)
Buchanan blames border patrol for drug problem. (6/21/99)
Forbes opens Iowa campaign office. (6/17/99)
Gore officially in fray. (6/16/99)
Bush drawls into Iowa. (6/12/99)
Hayden Fry throws support to Bush. (6/12/99)
Bob Dole campaigns for Elizabeth. (6/13/99)
Dole calls herself "courageous conservative." (6/11/99)
Kasich pledges affordable health care (6/11/99)
Bauer calls Bush "unclear" on major issues (6/11/99)
Alexander, Buchanan jab at Bush (6/9/99)
Buchanan opens campaign office in Iowa. (6/9/99)
Bush campaign office opens in Iowa. (6/5/99)
Abortion rights group launches offensive against Bush. (6/5/99)
Bill Bradley on the game. (5/31/99)
Bauer says Kosovo shows need for beefed-up military. (5/29/99)
Bradley calls for stronger gun restrictions. (5/20/99)
Gore proposes army of on-line tutors. (5/16/99)
Dole courting democrat and independent voters. (5/14/99)
Dole concerned Clinton might back down in Kosovo. (5/6/99)
Quayle says school shooting calls for soul-searching. (4/21/99)
College professor hopes Bradley challenge real. (4/19/99)
Campaign launched to cut military spending. (4/15/99)
Campaign Countdown  
The Day After 1/25 :60
VERY last minute 1/24 :60
Last minute campaigning 1/21 :60
Forbes has lot at stake 1/20 :60
Dems stump Iowa 1/19 :60
Brown-Black Forum 1/18 :60
One week to go 1/17 :60
Register debate-Repub 1/15 :90
Register debate-Dems 1/08 1hr
Democrats debate 1/10 :60
Bauer alone in Iowa 1/03 :60
Gore, Bradley spar 12/27 :60
Candidates debate-after 12/20 :60
Candidates debate-before 12/13 :60
Bush tax plan unveiled 12/6 :60
Candidates talking trade 11/29 :60
George W. back in Iowa 11/22 :60
Register Iowa Poll 11/15 :60
Candidates on Microsoft 11/8 :60
Bush back in Iowa 11/1 :60
Elizabeth Dole withdraws 10/25 :60
Caucus date changed 10/18 :60
Gore, Bradley face-off 10/11:60
Bradley opens in Iowa 10/4 :60
Quayle expected to bail 9/27 :60
New date for Caucuses 9/20 :60
Republican Straw Poll 8/17 4:07
Candidates canvas Iowa 8/13 6:27
Plight of farmers 7/23 5:19
Bush in Waterloo 7/15 11:39
Field of Dreams 7/7 3:27
June campaign 6/24 3:12
Gore kicks off campaign 6/17 2:31
First Bush speech 6/15 3:45